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tv   Today  NBC  August 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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tears of joy, a gold and emotional night for team u.s.a. >> mel presidents has done it again. >> michael phelps grabs his fourth gold in rio and 22nd of all with ryan locked tee. >> sam moan manuel wins gold, the first african-american woman to medal in an individual swimming event ever. that race ending in a dead heat. >> it's a tie. it's a tie for the gold. >> and simone biles cements her place as the world's greatest gymnast with gold in the all around. her teammate aly raisman taking
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along with her fellow final five team members. friday, august 12th, 2016. >> this has been her destiny all along. >> one more time for the ages. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games. with matt lauer,o rio de janeiro, brazil, and savannah guthrie live from rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone, welcome to a special split edition of "today," rio and new york, the games of the 31st olympiad and as you can see behind us it's dark and rainy and windy on copacabana beach, but it doesn't matter because yesterday was bright and cheery and fantastic for team u.s.a. >> it was crazy as we talked
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gold. i have a feeling in individual swimming i have a feeling if we mark our calendars in about nine months there will be a lot of sinones named as babies. >> simone biles turned in one of the most impressive performances ever to win gold in the women's all around. right on her heels of course teammate aly raisman who told the emotion pouring out of them both as they finished their floor routine. we will talk to simone, aly, the rest of the final into i have in just a moment. look who else is here, ryan lochte, a second ago he was greeting fans on our deck then the skies opened up so he came inside. we will talk to him. he won gold earlier in the week in the 4 x 200 free style relay, even though he missed the podium in his final face youf against michael phelps this is one of
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history and talk talk to him coming up. >> let's see what savannah has coming from new york. >> you have everybody on the show this morning. we will do politics from here. is donald trump facing a republican revolt this morning. there is word that some republicans want the party to direct resources to spend money on those down ballot races instead of on the presidential race which they fear may be lost already. and just this morning trump is trying to explain his repeated new attack on president obama and hillary clinton, he called them the foundersf is he now walking that back a little bit? we will get into the political headlines just ahead, guys. >> busy there has well. let's bring in natalie and get a wrap up of all of the olympic action. >> it certainly with as a busy night and golden night for team u.s.a. highlighted by one last duel in the pool that history gold for sim own manuel and the one, two finish in the women's
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>> olympic history in the pool, michael phelps grabbing his record 22nd gold medal in a clash of two olympic titans. for phelps it was the final showdown with ryan lochte in the 200 im, lochte taking the lead midway through the race, but then phelps surging past him and the rest of the field and never looking back. >> this isn't even close. >> phelps winning gold again. >> come on, michael. >> his f fourth straight olympic gold medal in the event. for phelps' rio roommate, lochte, a disappointing finish, failing to make the podium. >> i'm going to need some time off. just a break mentally and physically. >> just 30 minutes later phelps back in the pool placing second in the 100 fly semifinal. >> in women's 100 free style an unexpected moment, two gold medal win iners. >> it's a tie.
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manuel becoming the first african-american woman to win an individual gold in swimming. >> it's definitely been a long journey these past four years and i'm just so blessed to have a gold medal. i'm just so blessed. >> her teammates cheering the incredible win. manuel openly weeping on the medal stand. another american, ryan murphy, added to team u.s.a.'s dominance. >>re right there. >> winning gold in the 200 backstroke. >> in the gymnastics all around competition the favorite, simone biles and aly raisman, did not disappoint. the russians took the lead on the uneven bars, but faltered on balance beam. then raisman took the floor, turning the tide. bursting into tears after her incredible performance.
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out on top. proving why she is the best in the world during her floor routine. the teammates supporting each other before taking the podium. gold for biles, silver for raisman. and it was a wild match in men's beach volleyball. a tense back and forth between italy and team u.s.a. with 2008 gold medalist phil doll houser and nick louis in a finally winning after eight match points. >> a standing ovation for an incredible match. >> and checking the medal opportunity team u.s.a. still leads followed closely by china, japan and rugs. on the menu tonight michael phelps final individual swim as an olympian and katie ledecky goes in the 800 meter plus track and field gets under way if the weather clears up and kerri
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round. let's talk more about that impressive one/two finish nor simone biles and aly raisman in the women's individual all around. with her gold biles is the first woman ever to hold the olympic and world titles at the same time. we will talk to simone, aly and the rest of the final five in just a moment. first let's see how it all played out last night. >> a showdown between russia and the u.s.a. >> and all the top players are in thi raisman tackled the same skill, a round off back handspring two and a half twists with a blind landing. even with the step biles nabbed the top score with raisman in second place. >> simone biles has done the job here. >> but the russians stepped up on the bars and biles fell behind. >> this hasn't happened very often in simone biles career. >> while raisman dropped to
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>> on beam the russians wavered, but biles stuck the landing, back on top with raisman in third. >> that was a big routine for aly raisman. >> then team u.s.a. took the floor. raisman electrified. >> a return to the olympics has been worth it. >> no score needed for that routine. biles defied graffiti with every leap and her signature move >> this has been her destiny all along. >> the night was theirs. >> gold and silver medalists, one/two. biles took gold, raisman silver. the top two gymnasts in the world from the top team, the final five. >> yay. all five members of the u.s. women's gymnastics team are with
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ladies, good morning. >> good morning. >> okay. simone, tell me about your dream last night. what happened? you woke up and did you dream about it? >> no, i didn't dream about it, but as soon as i woke up yesterday i walked into aly's room and i said, i have a really good feeling about today and she said, me, too. >> you knew that. do you know what was interesting, i was at the match watching you guys and you guys had done the vault and the unevens and i looked up at the big scoreboard and first, we were second, russia was third and we were fourth and i got to tell you my hands got a little swea hands got sweaty. simone, what were you thinking when you saw the standings? >> i did not look at it because we had to go to beams so quickly. everyone told me after wards, but i don't think that it was a tenth apart. it's not something that you can worry about. we only worry about the teams and not what the judges give us.
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and your mom says that you have nerves of steels and your sister cried from the landing to the anthem is over. she had tears coming down and it was beautiful. >> aly, when you finished the floor routine, it was an emotional and beautiful moment for everyone in the audience. what was it like for the last moment when you knew that you moment. i joust broke down in tears and thinking of the hard work. four years ago when they broke the time and i got fourth place, it was heart breaking. i just used it for motivation and being here in brazil, it felt like we were in the arena and in the u.s. everybody was standing up and sheering for us. it was a special moment, and i will never forget. >> your parents were doing their
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do. >> yeah. >> gabby, you won this last year -- i mean last olympics. what did you say to the two teammates after they scored so well? >> i told them that they did an amazing job and deserved it. they worked so hard in the gym and i am so happy for them. i love them so much. watch. >> madison, you're competing on sunday and this is a instagram that your brother wrote to you. he wrote it's blowing my mind that the same little girl that i use today see doing flips on my bed at age 6 now has a gold medal. we have something for you. simone, there's a podium to your right.
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>> yes. >> would you go over and stand up and reveal what is under there. >> just pick it up? >> just take the cover off. >> it's a kelloggs box. >> look at you. you all look so good. >> then on the back. >> we're so-me proud of you. we're going to let you check that out. the final five, gabby, laura and madison we're so proud of you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> throwing it over to matt. >> so cool. now to swimming. michael phelps and then the gold and he is going leave rio as the second most decorated male swimmer of all-time. that's a huge deal.
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>> how you feeling? i know this is not the outcome that you wanted. did you feel before the race a little off. >> yeah, something happen in the middle of the race that i don't know, i just fell apart. >> yeah, you were leading by a fraction and felt surged. did you just not have anything in the tank to go after him? >> i think that i used too much energy in the front half and that hurt me in the end. it happens. that you need a mental and physical break from the sport. talk to me about that. do you feel the same way this morn something. >> yeah, i feel the same way. i have not taken a break since i started swimming. the longest break is a month. going in day in and day out and beating up the body takes the toll. being the age that i am, it's time to take a break. i can't say that it's over.
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combination and the rivalry and the friendship between you and michael. is it fair to say ryan that he in your career has served an inspiration and frustration? >> yes, you can definitely say that. definitely an inspiration. just what he has accomplished in the sport. he brings the best out in me. hopefully i can say the same to him. you know, the rivalry that we have created and it's definitely -- i'm definitely going to cherish it for my life. >> do you want to look in the camera and say michael i will see you in tokyo? >> i can definitely say that because i guarantee that he will be there. >> do you really? >> yeah. i think so. michael, i will see you in tokyo. >> we make news here. ryan, congratulations. really a pleasure to see you. >> thank you so much. >> before we send you to new
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coverage tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central time here on nbc. they will see each other in tokyo savannah. back to you. >> i will be there to see that. now to politics and the fire storm in the presidential race in the labelling of president obama as the fund er of isis and hillary clinton is cofounder. now, trump is tweeting about this this morning. is he backing off and tki we have the latest political headlines. good morning. >> good morning to you. a lot going on. the new defense going on for donald trump and tweeting just moments ago the accusations that president obama founded isis were sarcasm and asking why people did not get i. this is different than what donald trump said over the last year hours and given the opportunity to
7:16 am
report of a huddle with trump staffers and saying that it's a ground game as trump try toss get the campaign back on track. >> new push back of a report of a plan between donald trump stach ers and gop party leader after several straight days from the candidate. the latest labelling president obama an isis founder. >> he is the de but doubling done does not begin to describe what he is doing. >> he is founder. he is founder. >> everybody knows what he meant. >> you meant that he backed it. >> i meant that he is the founder of isis. >> as he takes the aim the republican rip is going nowhere. a new party insider asks the rnc to give up on trump and instead
7:17 am
majority in case he loses in the land slide. >> they're not going to split because these are not the people that i want. >> taking a new aim and top clinton travelled to new york for the clinton foundation while work on the state department and raising questions on blurred lines. clinton's campaign calling suggestions of a conflict of interest su offering up a team and arguing that he is not strong but scare zbld if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone would be cow erring in the locker room. instead, they're winning medals. >> she is expected to release the tax return and ten years of
7:18 am
to release the campaign out with a new wed video this morning and reiterating that. trump say that is he is under audit and will release that once it's wrapped up. >> okay. in the florida battleground for us. 7:18. let's head back to the guys and gals. yeah, cold and raining here and you're talking of dangerous heat. >> yeah, we have a advisory. 117 states under the heat add vie erie and 75 million people from texas all the way into new england and all of the cities from washington dc, philadelphia, new york, hartford, boston and albany under a heat advisory. first time in new york an excessive heat warning. big pressure pumping in the
7:19 am
temperatures all weekend long. it's 100 in new york city to boston and more. we're going to get to your local
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>> that's your lat that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right, al. thanks so much. fill ahead michael phelps' biggest fans, his mom debbie and fianc?e nicolle join us to talk about phelps' unparalleled success in >> another side of rio, an eye opening trip to one of the city's oldest if a vel las to find out the challenges so many here are facing. first on a friday morning this
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rough sea today along copacabana beach. back 7:30 now on a friday morning. 12th day of and we have some great fans out in the sand cheering on team usa and actually athletes from all over the place. >> all right. i think somewhere out there we have debbie, michael phelps' mom, nicole, his fiance, and hopefully boomer, too. >> let's talk about headlines in the olympics from the last day. another big night in the pool for team usa. michael phelps won his fourth
7:31 am
simone manual tied with canadian swimmer in the 100 meter freestyle and becomes the first african-american women to win gold in an individual swimming event and ryan murphy took the gold in the 200 meter backstroke. an elite club. >> a great night. in gymnastics it was one-two finish for >> fiji celebrating its first medal after 60 years of competing in the olympic games. it's men's rugby team defeated britain to capture gold. >> announcer: "today's" athlete to watch is sponsored by citi. proud partner of team usa. proud sponsor of progress.
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"today's" athlete to watch. one of the most recognized stars at these games. six-time olympic champ usain bolt, the track and field events begin today and the jamaican sprinter hopes to add to his record setting legacy. peter alexander has more from olympic park. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the fastest man on earth almost missed these games. bolt injured a hamstring and to withdraw from the jamaican olympic trials. he said he's ready to run in rio and same sentiments he shared with us when we spoke with him in jamaica's national stadium. rio de janeiro, usain bolt's last lap as the greatest sprinter in olympic history. having won the 100 and 200 meter races in the last two olympics, he's putting his winning streak on the line in brazil. after your 2012 performance in
7:33 am
i'm now a legend and greatest athlete to live and i have nothing left to prove. you're back. you have something left to prove. what is it? >> i want to do something no one has ever done before. doing it three times is different. it sets myself apart from everyone else. he has to work harder than i did to be as great as i am. >> reporter: this time bolt heads to the starting line just days shy of his 30th sounds old, right? >> yeah. it does. i remember when people say these young kids. no one calls me a kid anymore. >> reporter: bolt says maturity and mental toughness now help carry him as far and as fast as his 6'5" frame. how does your mind work that makes you superhuman like your physique does? >> people put pressure on
7:34 am
biggest things that's out there. when athletes get to these moments, my god, i need to win. yes, you need to win. you can't stress yourself about it. >> if you think, you fail. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: few things are more stressful for a top tier athlete than an injury. prior to his recent hamstring injury, bolt told us how difficult it can be. >> first of all, track and field is unforgiving. if you get injured, you could train for six or seven months and you get injured and you'll be out for and it feels like you haven't trained a day in your life when you go back on the track. >> reporter: bolt's start -- stature makes him a target. how do you convince haters that you haven't been doping?
7:35 am
i want to show them what i go through. it's not easy. >> reporter: greatness never comes easy and bolt's toughest opponent may be father time. could you compete as a 33 year old? >> no. >> he's hoping to do something no one has ever done. run 200 meters in under 19 seconds. what are you going to do when you win gold in rio? >> i've been thinking about it. i haven't comep solid yet. i'll do something crazy for sure. >> reporter: bolt's first race is here tomorrow. the first round of the 100 meters. if you listen to him in his press conference here, he sounded loose and confident. hardly nervous which certainly means his competitors should be. matt and hoda? >> all right, peter. thanks so much. >> let's check back with in with mr. roker. you are talking about weather
7:36 am
>> in parts of the gulf they are issuing flash flood emergencies which means flooding is happening. parts of i-10 are closed. i-55 closed. a city in mississippi completely cutoff because of this rain going on. rainfall rates of 3 to 5 inches per hour and it's just going to continue. let's put maps into motion and show you what we expect during the day today into tomorrow. some areas could be looking at anywhere from 7 to 12 more in flash flooding likely. tropical moisture will fuel these thunderstorms today, tomorrow and on into the early part of the weekend. as you look at the rainfall totals that we expect through sunday, we talk about some areas upwards of a foot more on top of what's already fallen. we're very, very concerned about the situation in that region. we're going to get to your local
7:37 am
>> get your weekend forecast whenever you need it. go to the weather channel. >> we have michael phelps' number one fans. his family here on copacabana beach. we'll talk about them. boomer will make an appearance. >> the city's other side as we >> the city's other side as we look at one of >> the city's other side as we look at one of hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah.
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it's an easy way to give listerine? total care to the total family. listerine? total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth?. and for kids starting at age six, listerine? smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing. welcome back to rio. this stunning city is home to about 7 million peoplnd communities known as favelas. >> these are rio's poorest neighborhoods. there are about 1,000 in this city alone. you can see them everywhere. they climb up the hillsides. they're named for the favela tree that grows in this area and they're synonymous with poverty and crime. that's not the whole story. we went to one of rio's oldest favela and found that life is
7:43 am
the redeemer sits a community named for a saint. what are challenges living in a favela? >> health, education. those are top priorities. >> few residents would stop to speak with us on camera for fear of associating with our group traveling with a police >> often houses look precarious to an outsider but to people that live in them, they rebuilt the homes several times over three generations. you see building materials everywhere. you see stacks of cement. it looks chaotic. these are people who are developing -- plastering a wall. these are people who are slowly but surely improving their homes. >> we talked about basic services.
7:44 am
it seems like a huge issue here. >> it is. it constantly piles up unless the government comes in and cleans it or community members do it, which both can happen and do happen occasionally but not frequently enough. >> you know, there's graffiti everywhere. not only here in the but also in rio. >> in communities where historically you'll see that graffiti. >> means that's their territory. >> gangs still have a presence here. a program launched by police eight years ago promised to make things safer and to some extent it has. heavily armed officers patrol the favela wearing body iron with their names and blood type stitched over their hearts.
7:45 am
he says the police and community are like a family. sometimes he says they have problems but they try to solve them in a way that benefits both sides. i was talking to a member of the military police. i kept asking him, is it safe here? is it safe here? he kept saying yes, yes, yes and yet he's wearing a bulletproof vest and two of his fellow officers followed him out of the police station and to be perfectly honest, they are foll u >> to make sure that everything is okay. >> is it safe? >> it was much safer two years ago than it is now. >> because the economy turned down it's gone bad again? >> part of it is economy decline. part of it is policing program itself lost respect as it rolled out so in other places where there was widespread abuse and part of it is that people were much more hopeful. >> hope remains. this man opened a shop six
7:46 am
people outside have an opinion. what don't they understand? >> he said it's become peaceful. he lived here for 50 years and now he sells snacks and drinks to tourists. the people here at the end of the day get ready to go to bed, they look down and see the lights of rio. that's sugarloaf right over there. they see modern rio down here. is there a sense jealousy, how do they feel about life down there? >> i think there's both. people envy. that's why you have high crime rates. part of the reason and also the desperation and inequality. >> do they want to be there? >> not necessarily. people are born and raised in these communities. they're very culturally vibrant. they don't see the same sense of community in those neighborhoods. >> they may walk down during the day and work down there and at night this is where they want to return for their sense of
7:47 am
are born and raised for generations and this is where they can create their lives. this is where they have control over their outcomes. often there's a cultural element where they don't even imagine what it would be like to live there and people who live there can't imagine what it is like to live here. they're right next to each other but they're worlds apart. >> it's important as we sit on this beautiful beach on most days to remember there are two sides of rio. >> absolutely. great piece. mom, fiance and 3-month-old son boomer all joining us live. >> how awesome. and billy bush is in the orange room with one announcer's unbelievable call during last night's duel in the pool. wait until you hear this one
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i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. back now at 7:51. we'll check in with billy bush covering the orange room. loom who is with us, billy. boomer. >> one and only. >> it's a tossup between who is wearing better shoes at the olympic games, you'll like this. listen to this. this morning we showed you how that heated rivalry between phelps and lochte ended up. if you watched the race in canada, you may have heard a different outcome. cbc sportscaster elliott freeman called the entire race confusing lochte for phelps in what ended
7:52 am
lochte's life. here's how it played out live. >> lochte is going for it. phelps doesn't look like he has this one in him. ryan lochte going for his 13th career medal saving the best for last. finally he's going to do it. ryan lochte is going to beat michael phelps in this event. phelps might not even make the podium. >> realized his mistake and apologized on air. social media is not the place you go when you need a tender hock. users mocked him online. the overwhelming majority came to his defense. connor tweets, these things happen. i guarantee no one is more disappointing than he is. that seems to be the case. friedman said i'm sorry. i blew it. no excuses.
7:53 am
poor foster kid black immigrant
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, team usa's golden night. >> michael phelps has done it again! >> michael phelps dominates the pool yet again while simone manuel makes history as the first african-american swimmer to win individual gold. >> olympic gold. manuel is going to do it! >> it's definitely been a long journey these past four years. i'm just so blessed to have a gold medal. >> on the floor, simone biles and aly raisman take the top two spots in the individual all-around bringing home gold
8:01 am
plus, team phelps is in the house. they're the swimmer's biggest fans. we'll talk to michael's mom and fiance about his record breaking run in rio. and girls night out. >> who is ready to dance? >> natalie takes hoda and jenna out for a night on the town rio style. >> good night, everybody! >> "today," friday, august 12th, ?? >> good morning, montana. sending love to our children. we love you! >> hello to my mom and dad in massachusetts. go women's gymnastics! >> shout out to my family in florida.
8:02 am
we welcome you back to a special split edition of "today" from rio and new york on day seven of these olympic games. >> as we've been mentioning, michael phelps' mom, fiance and adorable 3-month-old boomer are here. we're going to speak to them in a moment. there's nothing better than having olympic families with us. you know who is wi younger sister who is a ringer for her. >> you two are soaked. you are soaked to the bone. i don't think you care, do you? >> no. >> have you been smiling for the past four or five or six days? >> yes. >> ever since trials. it's been fantastic. >> we'll dry you up in just a little while and we'll talk more about your daughter's
8:03 am
i was watching you guys last night when simone nailed it. describe for us just that feeling you had when you were in the audience watching her. >> speechless. >> very emotional. >> very proud of her. she did it and that's all we could ask for. >> ron, you came here and talked to matt with that big cutout head. where is it? that's a good luck charm? >> i have it in the back. unfortunately it got rained on. >> it still works. >> check his pants out. there you go. >> thank you so much. >> a big thanks to all of you. let's go to nbc's peter alexander up at olympic park with the highlights from one of the most exciting nights of the games so far. peter, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning to you. i hustled over to the aquatic center last night and you could hear that place roaring before you got near it. team usa dominant at the pool and on the mat. michael phelps delivering as
8:04 am
hearts. the american swimmers collecting gold and making history. >> just when you think you've seen it all. >> 20-year-old simone manuel becoming the first african-american woman to earn gold in an individual swimming event. >> manuel tracked down everybody. >> manuel who tied penny oleksiak of canada in the 100 meter freestyle visibly shocked. shedding more tears with her coach and teammates. >> this medal is not just for me. it's for some of the african-americans that have came before me and have been inspirations and mentors to me. >> reporter: for two long-time friends and swimming rivals, a highly anticipated olympic finale. ryan lochte starting strong. >> the race starts right here. >> reporter: but phelps eventually pulling away from the pack. >> this isn't even close. >> reporter: winning a record
8:05 am
cementing his title as the most decorated olympian earning a record 22nd gold. >> it's very emotional event for me. and something that, it's very special. being able to win 22 olympic gold medals. something you just dream of. >> reporter: ryan murphy maintaining u.s. dominance in the backstroke, winning gold in the men's 200. >> ryan murphy will sweep the backstrokes here in rio. >> reporter: the sixth has done that. >> the club just got more exclusive, buddy, and you're in it. >> reporter: in gymnastics, a legendary performance. simone biles soaring into history becoming the fifth american woman to win the all-around competition. >> this has been her destiny all along. >> reporter: her teammate, aly arrest man, surging ahead during her floor exercise to earn silver. >> some say the sequel is never as good as the original. aly raisman just proved them
8:06 am
in their win earlier on "today." >> just kind of broke down in tears right away thinking about all of the hard work. obviously four years ago when they broke the tie and i got fourth place, it was very heartbreaking. i just used it for motivation every single day in the gym. >> reporter: -- >> the most decorated american fighter of all-time. >> reporter: kayla harrison grabbing gold again in judo. >> i'm going to retire as one of the greatest that's ever done judo. it hasn't sunk in. winning its first ever olympic medal. >> fiji, olympic champions. >> reporter: beating great britain in rugby for the gold. singing in celebration. at home on the small pacific island, jubilation. fiji's first medal of any color. so cool for a country whose total population is just 900,000 people. here is your medal count this morning.
8:07 am
2012 pace firmly in front of china, japan, and russia. and there are a ton of medals up for grabs again today. 24 golds including michael the magnificent. how else do you describe him? phelps in 100-meter butterfly and back on the beach the elimination round. matt, hoda, bac let's go back to new york where savannah has a check of the morning's other top stories. savannah, good to see you. >> good morning. we'll start with politics again. donald trump campaigning in pennsylvania a battleground state where he acknowledges he's struggling in the polls and trump is backing off his claim that president obama is the founder of isis. an accusation he made and defended multiple times over the last day or so. this morning he tweeted he meant it sarcastically and reports the
8:08 am
rnc officials amidst growing tension within the party. dozens of republicans have signed a letter urging the republican national committee to suspend support for trump and focus instead on saving republican majorities in congress. >> breaking overnight, 22 passengers and two crew members were taken to the hospital after severe turbulence forced a jetblue plane to make an emergency landing in south dakota. that plane was headed from boston to sacramento when it hit bad weather. one passenger said "it got really rocky. we felt like a giant hand hit the plane." all 24 people were treated for minor injuries and were released. state safety inspectors returning to pennsylvania to an amusement park there where a 3-year-old boy was hurt in a fall from the roller coaster on thursday. officials say regulations did not require seat belts on the 78-year-old wooden coaster. this accident happens in the
8:09 am
kansas and also three girls injured in a fall from a ferris wheel in tennessee. and finally, a jaw dropping story this morning from the world of sharks. scientists studied sharks caught accidentally by fishing boats. eight of the sharks had lived for at least two centuries and one enormous female may have been 400 years old. researchers say the sharks have few predators and metabolisms so slow they only eat one or two huge meals each year. so now i have something in common with the greenland shark. slow metabolism. >> not age though. not age. thank you very much. thank you. >> up next, team phelps live here on copacabana beach. we'll talk to michael's mom and fiance about this incredible run
8:10 am
plus, forget about the golfers. something else is getting most of the attention at the olympic golf course. we'll tell you what that is. and how olympic super fan leslie jones is taking rio by storm but first these messages. lezslie jones is although jus t 4 foot 8, simone biles is not to be underestimated. refined, concentrated power. that's why she trusts tide pods. she knows small, can be powerful. tide. number 1 rated. ?? you didn't listen to your parents. you ignored every piece of advice.
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greatness can happen anywhere, even in your kitchen. smucker's, proud sponsor of team usa and the all-american pb&j. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. we asked real people to use cottonelle... on their bums. why do you think the ripples make a difference? it gets it all clean. they give me a very happy feeling bum. cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. michael phelps came into rio as the most decorated olympian
8:15 am
mother gold medals to his record haul. >> no one was cheering for him harder or louder than his mom and fiance. we're joined now by debbie phelps, nicole johnson and michael's son, boomer. nice to see you. good morning. how are you doing? >> wonderful. >> boomer, let me start with you -- debbie, another olympic games. how does it feel different? >> it's amazing to think of michael's journey since 2000 at age 15 and now 31 and it's remarkable. >> let me narrow that time frame a little bit. think about 2014. we talked about this and how low it got. could you imagined back then that you would be here in rio
8:16 am
you know, michael was very driven. driven to correct things that have gone wrong. to set goals for himself as to where he wants to be. and i've never seen him so happy as he is now. >> we talk about the race. when i watch you guys in the stands, debbie, i remember you from past races. does it ever get any easier? does it ever feel any less stressful? >> no. >> even when you know he's got it. >> no. no. you never know. you never know how it can turn out. i try to hold myself together. i really do. it doesn't always work though. >> nicole, i think you're the major reason. and boomer as well. what's it like for you to watch it unfold? >> it's incredible. i've watched it firsthand, the training, the dedication,
8:17 am
of that and it's just really cool. i'm kind of speechless over all of it. >> do you think about what you guys will tell boomer when he's hold enough to realize what his dad has accomplished. >> for sure. it's amazing. to be able to share it with boomer although he won't remember outside of all of the pictures and videos. it's really neat. >> i just love that scene where michael came in the crowd and kissed everybody. by the way, real quickly. ryan lochte was here earlier. he predicted witut each other in tokyo. how do you feel about tokyo, debbie? >> that would be wonderful. i already have the race picked out. >> nice to see boomer without his headset on. a good look at that face. >> congrats. >> thank you. >> have fun. our best to michael. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> guys, thanks so much. let's show you again dangerous situation going on right now down in the gulf especially louisiana.
8:18 am
rainfall amounts and we've already got reports of i-10 being closed. roads washed out in parts of mississippi as well. the rainfall totals will equal 12 inches by sunday in some places where it's already fallen and then the other big story is the massive heat that's going to be going on from the plains from texas all of the way into the northeast. heat advisories in 17 states. 75 million people under some sort of heat advisory or heat it's going to be dangerous heat
8:19 am
>> that's your latest weather. >> it's time for another special olympics edition of "what's trending today." a cool moment that didn't happen in rio but back in the united states. last night the baltimore ravens kicked off their preseason with a home game against the carolina panthers. baltimore is michael phelps' the two teams actually stopped right in the middle of the game to watch michael swim. they just stood there and watched him on the big screen. and of course we know what happened next. [ cheering ] >> i love this. i love this.
8:20 am
gold and to top it off, ravens won too. >> is that an olympic time-out? did they take an official olympic time-out? >> just crafted into the game. time to check on our favorite unofficial olympic sports. twist and turns of aly raisman's parents. people love to watch them in the stands. last night they did not disappoint. they were squirming in their seats. parents. the internet has turned them into a meme once again. why did i have that final tequila shot last night? >> ended very well. >> you remember golf has returned to the olympics for the first time in 112 years. there's an unlikely group of stars emerging on the green. they weigh 150 pounds.
8:21 am
not well proportioned. meet the capybaras. these are the largest rodents in the world. they've become a hit on social media thanks to all the golfers who have stopped to take photos of these creatures. they are found all over south america. they live near bodies of water making the olympic golf course a really nice venue for them. >> didn't realize they were so big. so large. >> they don't look like it. >> large guinea pigs. >> thinking of bill murray showing up with in "caddyshack." >> mr. bush? >> here we go with "pop starts." final five have owned these games. celebrities have been lining up to congratulate them. elizabeth banks is in town and wrote, aly raisman making me cry giving it her all. congrats. kim kardashian west tweeting back and forth with simone biles. she tweeted that simone is her low-key crush.
8:22 am
perhaps simone's achievement is best summed up by leslie jones. >> champion! champion! champion! champion! >> leslie in the pool last night -- not in the pool but watching swimming as well. surprised she didn't get in the pool. now to celebrity olympian doppelgangers. vi like leo dicaprio and duchess kate. kerri walsh jennings and lori. >> he looks more like jim carrey. >> that's your "pop start." for more news, visit "today's"
8:23 am
moment is sponsored by walmart. save money, live better. >> let us turn to today's olympic moment. this morning an epic match in men's beach volleyball that proved to be one for the record books. take a look. history meets its match. >> united states eighth match point. >> team usa and italy battling toit like it would never come. >> lucena is there. dalhuasser is there. i'll take it. >> an epic showdown in the sand finishing with marathon third set. >> here we go. match points for the americans. >> the longest in olympic beach volleyball history. >> united states has had two match points. italy has had one. >> a typical third set goes to 15. >> there's no cap in beach volleyball.
8:24 am
>> in a set to 15, it is 23-22. >> with eight match points, team usa finally serving up the dramatic conclusion. >> the united states has hung on to beat italy. >> winning 24-22 and bringing fans to their feet. >> mastery skills by all four players. >> both teams now advance to the knockout round. victory sweet revenge for american phil dalhuasser. >> i got my redemption. it was an epic match. >> settling the score, making history, hoping to avoid any chance of rio deja vu. >> i was watching this match yesterday and the crowd was going crazy at the end. they really were. congrats to both of them. just ahead, a trio in rio. the triplets chasing their olympic dreams together. but first, some of our favorite new images from the olympic games so far.
8:25 am
our great friends at getty. take a look. ?? ?? ??
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?? >> we're back now. 8:30 on this friday morning. it is the 12th day of you know what? into every life a little rain must fall but we have a wonderful crowd of people gathered here on the beach. we thank them very much. >> coming up, we had some fun. we had our girls night out. natalie took us on a tour. we'll show you what happened when we hit the town and natalie knows how to hit the town. >> of course we've enjoyed having all of the medal winners join us each morning.
8:31 am
>> that's right. because we're going to kick off next week with two of the biggest stars of these games. michael phelps and kaie ledecky will join us live on copacabana beach and we'll talk to the man called the greatest athlete in the world and which sport will matt and al take on this time around? will it involve spandex? v raise your hands. i think we have a winner. it will be revealed when our dynamic duo goes for gold. >> i'm not sure if -- we're racking our brains here. >> we might have one. >> meanwhile, another gold medal winner with us right now. this is kayla harrison. she made history winning second straight gold medal in judo thursday night.
8:32 am
can you believe it? >> i can. can you? >> i can't. i don't believe this is my life really. to go and win america's first gold medal, i didn't think that it could get better than that. yesterday was the best day of my life. >> a lot of people from brazil wanted you to go head to head with their girl and it didn't really work out that way. >> it didn't. i was booed from the very beginning yesterday. >> how did that work out for them? >> i've never been the bad girl before. f in the end, i won them over. >> can we talk about you on the podium singing the national anthem. you knew every single word. >> i've heard it a lot to be fair. that might be the last time i ever stand on top of the podium and hear those beautiful notes and i wanted to really remember all of it. show my true joy. i was so happy to be there. >> what are you going to do now? >> i don't know. i was going to sit on the beach.
8:33 am
medal you named the medal freddy. what are you naming this one? >> i spent a very long night. i didn't get much sleep. after much deliberation i decided to name her flavia. they're together forever. yeah. >> kayla, congratulations again. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> if you could stick around and help us because now it's time for natalie's i'm giving it up completely. we're celebrating that the weekend is almost here. so to say thank god it's friday you say -- what she said. and next. have a great weekend. and finally, what nat will be
8:34 am
right. and that's al and natalie's portuguese class and now time for weather to show you what we've got for your weekend. unfortunately the eastern half of the country into the plains it is going to be brutally hot. look at wet weather. gulf coast into the mid-atlantic states and northeast. it will be drenched. beautiful weather. lots of sunshine out west on saturday. then on sunday, sunday, the heat continues in the east. the in torrential rains continue down through the gulf. dangerous flooding possible.
8:35 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. a nice crowd of people here from the states. let's talk about the olympic history that's going to be made over the weekend. natalie has that story. >> incredible story. on sunday the first triplets will compete against each other. th they are set to run in the women's marathon. about to compete in the world's biggest sporting arena, they put the finishing touches on their paces. >> we knew we to go to olympics together. >> running the marathon in rio fulfilling a dream. >> we dreamed of olympic dreams and if you want something very big you can achieve it.
8:36 am
close as triplets can be competing against each other? taking sibling rivalry to the max. >> we try to run together. >> so much work and so much effort. >> rio is a long way from where these sis taught dancing and worked as lifeguards. a colleague encouraged them to train. now 30, the triplets started running seriously just six years ago and each qualified for the olympics. >> we started at age 24 that we have big potential. >> of course there are sacrifices. for the sisters, they say it's
8:37 am
>> and another benefit, they can eat whatever they want. >> you can eat everything. and you feel good and strong. >> a small good-bye ceremony but they are already famous well beyond estonia. >> an australian guy said he saw us on video. famous >> and on sunday, all eyes will be trained on a single race half a world away. the race this sunday. look for the sisters. >> incredible accomplishment. coming up, the girls go out in rio. do they get in trouble? we'll find out.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> announcer: "today" at the p & g house is sponsored by bounty. yen hey, the thank you moms program and alison told me it's a place that served as home away from home for olympic families. this could be my only chance at beating an olympic athlete. >> chances are high. i even lost this. congratulations. >> this is a tour of the home. you can get your hair done.
8:41 am
>> this place really takes care of athletes families. >> for sure. this is a very important part of the house. families can come and bring their laundry and get it done. that's important when you're away from home for a long time. it's the little things. >> four-time olympic gold medalist alison felix knows a thing or two about sacrifice. tell us what it takes to do what you do. >> it's a different kind of lifestyle. it's a lot of determination. you have to give up a lot of things. at times it can be lonely. track and field is an individual sport. the moments when you make it and it all comes together, that's just when it all pays off. >> talk to me about what it feels like to go into your fourth olympic games. >> it's amazing. such a blessing. now i have all of this experience. i feel like i'm able to use it and embrace it and take it in. >> is it still just as exciting? >> it really is. that part never changes.
8:42 am
>> i like traveling with an olympian. perks. nice that this place gives back to the people that supports the athletes. >> it means so much and is special for us to know that our family is being taken care of and we don't have to worry. >> look here. >> that is me. >> is it strange to see yourself in billboard form? >> it's different. for sure. >> the olympics about everyone coming together and having this amazing celebration. you get to celebrate so many different athletes that have so many different stories and that olympic spirit is just special. >> do you have a special ritual you do to get pumped right before you go? music? anything you do? >> i listen to my music. get in my zone. i like to be by myself a little bit. i always take a moment when i'm at the blocks and look around and take it all in because i
8:43 am
four years? >> i don't know about that. we'll see. >> she's so awesome. the families sacrifice so much and a lot to get here so a place that takes care of them is great. >> one of my favorite parts of the show is talking to the families. up next, a few drinks, a little dancing, our girls night out on the town in rio. not pretty. >> announcer: "today's" rio sponsored by coca-cola.
8:44 am
8:45 am
little bit.
8:46 am
>> that's exactly what natalie, jenna and i did. let's just say, rio will never be the same. >> there's an olympic tradition for all of us. it's our favorite. it is called girls night out. >> we're going in there. >> don't take your life in your own hands when you cross. >> hold onto the cocktails. >> can we talk about the only word that i know in portuguese. >> this is strong. >> we have a long night. dark natalie has to come out at some point. >> dark natalie is already here. >> can i tell you one thing. i wore red because i want to dance with a stranger. >> henry, did you hear that? >> i want to dance with you.
8:47 am
>> say the night is young. >> what is this, poetry? let's get going already. let's samba. >> who is ready to dance? >> you can feel the energy. >> work the camera. work it. work it. there you go. >> this is where we're going to dance. >> we're going to dance here, girls. >> i feel the rhythm already >> let's go in the booth. >> my god. that's so fun. >> i'm like this with you. >> flag. flag. flag. >> brazil.
8:48 am
>> she stole my stranger. ?? ?? >> good night, everybody, from rio! >> is there a web extra? >> henry is at home taking care of the two kids. >> i meant a stranger woman with them. >> that doesn't make it any better. i just want you to know. >> when is boys night out is what i want to know? i think it would end differently. >> we wouldn't bring cameras. >> we are embarrassed. thank you.
8:49 am
we'll look back at one of our favorite moments. that may be one of them from the first seven days of the rio olympics. first, on a friday morning, this
8:50 am
>> announcer: smucker's celebrates "today" is sponsored by smucker's.
8:51 am
normally when we celebrate birthdays with our friends at smucker's, we pay tribute to people with a lot of life experience. today we're going to the other end of the spectrum. a little younger here. we know a couple special little ladies turning two this month. savannah's adorable daughter and carson's little girl london. now in honor of their birthdays, viewers have been sharing pictures of their 2 year olds. i learned so much from them. how to just laugh and st to go in two directions at once and kate loves wearing her shades and walking around the house saying cool, dude. cute. keep your toddler pics coming at back to you. >> one more to add to that list. >> big birthday tomorrow. >> 1-year-old tomorrow.
8:52 am
>> i'm going to cry. >> favorite moment real quick of this week? >> michael phelps. >> the girls gymnastics, baby. all the way. >> men's beach volleyball win yesterday. loved that. >> japanese announcer calling swimming. >> how about the canadian announcer calling swimming. >> all right. we want to leave you this first week. >> the waiting is finally over. the olympic rings have made their to south america for the first time in history. >> go usa! >> the games are under way. ?? >> michael phelps is going to do
8:53 am
katie ledecky looks like she'll win another olympic gold. >> get the gold medals ready again. >> we are the final five! >> that is an olympic gold medal winning moment. >> you nailed that floor routine and it was over. >> i was proud of the entire team. >> gold and silver medalists, one, two for team usa. >> who has more pressure? you or her? >> pressure is equal because we're in this together. >> it is a party on the beach in rio. >> hello. how about this guy, right? >> tirico! >> and the united states will win gold in the relay again.
8:54 am
that's why we love covering the olympics. >> can i just touch the gold. >> he won gold and he won so many hearts. >> michael phelps, count them, 20 gold medals. >> number 20 in the books. >> one more time for the ages. ?? >> good morning all you medal winners. >> the best u.s. finish ever in this event. >> you can let go now, sir. >> take it off. take it off. >> katie ledecky smashes her own world record. >> congratulations. >> looks like she's going to win another olympic gold and she does.
8:55 am
?? >> are we ready to learn? >> how do we say good morning? [ speaking foreign language ] ? happy birthday dear hoda ? >> happy birthday. ??
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
michael phelps is going to do it again! >> he did it! ?? >> it has been a rainy friday morning in rio de janeiro so far. but action continues all across the city and begins today at olympic stadium on day seven of the 2016 games. and from inside our studio at copacabana beach, where the sun is doing its best to peep out, welcome along. i'm rebecca lowe. last night in rio, michael phelps won his 22nd olympic gold.


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